Therapeutic Diets

Usually a modification of the regular diet, therapeutic diet is formulated to restrict the intake of certain food items or adding essential nutrients in the meal plan to improve the health condition of a person. 

A therapeutic diet is a part of the treatment of a medical condition and is usually a modification of a regular diet. While a diabetic needs a carbohydrates modified diet, a person with a heart disease have a low fat, low salt diet and people with food intolerance have a diet with dairy, gluten modification is a part of the therapeutic diet.

Therapeutic diets include: –

  1. Gluten intolerance diets
  2. Diets for heart patients
  3. Diets for lactating mothers
  4. Pregnancy diets
  5. Post-pregnancy diets
  6. Special diabetic diets
  7. Renal diets
  8. Diets for PCOD patientss
  9. Hormonal imbalance diets
  10. Diets for thyroid patients
  11. Gastro intestinal Tract (GIT) diets – Diets for diarrhea and constipation

We offer a therapeutic meal plan charted out after a thorough analysis of your medical condition. Under the supervision of a highly experienced nutritionist, a customized meal plan is prepared to correct the health issues.

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