Ms. Deepti G. DuaDietitian

ABOUT- Ms. Deepti G. Dua

Ms. Deepti G. Dua, an expert in human nutrition and an independent practitioner, runs diet clinics in Gurugram and Delhi. She had studied nutrition at a graduate level from accredited institution. In her own words, “Dietetics is my second career but it’s my first love!”

She had a thorough experience in working in extended care facilities, public health centres, corporate, education, and food and drink industry to offer nutrition workshops, lectures and generally assist with their health programs.
At Mutation, we identify and help eliminate any health issues that may be stemming from certain foods, and help people gain or lose weight or manage allergies, do meal planning for busy families, athletes or those on the budget. As a health professional, my daily goal is to guide and motivate people to move towards a general sense of well-being by making healthy choices about their diet, exercise and lifestyle and make sure that they do not miss out any important food groups or nutrients.

Ms. Deepti is passionate about food and wants to use that passion to help others. What she finds most rewarding in her role is sharing what her clients call their wow moments like the first time they ate something green and enjoyed it, the first time they went for a walk purposefully, the first time they looked in the mirror and were satisfied!

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