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Many clients have lost weight and regained health through our customised health plans. here are some of our clients’ success stories.

  • I had joined Mutation Clinic in 2012 and since then I have been able to maintain my weight and health consistently and effectively. Dr Deepika has been great with guidance and tips. Her balanced and nutritional diets are very effective. I wish Mutation all the success in future. I have lost 10 kg

    Mudita OUR PATIENT
  • Well, My journey started off with being one with extreme added on pounds. It took me much time to take the step of visiting a dietician as i had heard a lot about the cons of the same. However, after the one year of being consulted, i realised that the journey hasnt really been a task, but has given me the best advice regarding not only my diet but my lifestyle. The only reason why it has been possible for me to loose 20 kgs, has been possible only because of the same, im grateful to Dr. Deepika Dua for the same!!

  • Joining mutation diet clinic really changed my life... I feel confident , energetic , n happy after reducing my extra weight with efforts n will power. Really good diet full of vitamins n nutrients ... thanks a lot ..

    Shilpi Sachdeva
    Shilpi Sachdeva OUR PATIENT
  • “It has not been more than 11 months that I was overweight , facing lots of difficulties &….but today there is a change in my life..I am getting compliments that I look much younger and prettier than my age….personally I also feel much more energetic than what I was feeling earlier…and the reason behind all these things or I can say The Miracle is” Mutations Diet Clinic and Ms. Deepti”….i never believed that I will shed oodles of weight but now I can say that it’s just need a right guidance and Mutations Diet Clinic is the right place to get it. Along with Ms.Deepti the people at Mutations Diet Clinic are very friendly and motivating. For me Mutations Diet Clinic came as a ray of hope of some new and better change in life…because as it is said that Health is Wealth”…just follow Mutations Diet Clinic blindly and you will get the unexpected positive results as I have …

    Akanksha OUR PATIENT
  • Two words that describe diet program with Deepti are – practical and effective! Its hard to believe that how one could lose weight without starving oneself just by eating right combination of food. The other good thing about this program is its customization around one’s blood group, tastes, your travel or outing plans and other factors. It may sound crazy but Deepti is kind enough to advise her clients on whatsapp or sms as to what to eat even for unplanned eating out! I did this program some time back, lost 12 kg and despite discontinuing her diet program (since it was not needed any more as per Deepti's honest advise) I have been able to maintain the lost weight to a large extent. May god bless Deepti!

    Akshay Nagpal
    Akshay Nagpal Advocates & Solicitors
  • “My experience with Deepti has been nothing short of being positive. Never thought the process of losing can actually be fun! I have been going to Deepti for an over a year now. She is patient; accommodating with my absurd requests; and always available. Deepti has had a fairly simple approach for making us achieve the target without doing much with our metabolism or affecting our day-to-day life. Just imagine getting a prescription which says only eat burgers the whole day and nothing else! It has been enjoyable knowing her and, the whole experience has been worth the effort. In short, without doing much she can make you achieve a lot. So, thank you for making look smart!

    Sidharrth Shankar
    Sidharrth Shankar Advocates & Solicitors
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