How does online consultation work?
Online consultation is done through Skype or a similar platform.
Will your diet plans starve me?

No, in-fact you will be eating at regular intervals and will not starve at all

Will I have issues like hair fall, weakness etc?

No, because our diet plans are balanced plans to provide you with all necessary nutrients.

Will I have to take any medications along with the diet plan?

No, in fact the diet plan designed by us builds up your immunity.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Weight loss depends on many factors like age, health status, diet implementation, gender, activity level etc. and varies from person to person. But our diet plans definitely help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Are there any special foods involved?

No, there are no special foods. We design the diet plan around your food habits.

What happens if I am a new patient?

With us, you have your own dedicated dietitian to answer all of your questions and provide individualized recommendations. We get to the root cause of your health concerns with our healing-from-the-inside-out approach.

Does your weight loss plan involve use of herbs or medicines?

No, our weight loss plans are based on healthy diet and lifestyle. We never advise any pills for weight loss. Medicines are not needed to shed body weight if one follows a healthy lifestyle.

I travel a lot. How can I still follow the weight loss plan given to me?

We design weight loss plans specific to the needs of our clients, depending on their lifestyle and hence every individual gets a plan different from the other. If your lifestyle involves travelling, then we will design a plan to correct your lifestyle such that you can follow it in any given situation.

Do your plans guarantee weight loss?

No, weight loss plans never come with a guarantee. But, many of our clients lost weight after following our weight loss plan speaks about us. Weight loss is totally dependent on body response, daily schedule, lifestyle, behavior, health issues and commitment to the plan. Therefore, the result varies from person to person.

Does your weight loss plan include crash diet or a very strict diet?

No, we believe that crash diet is neither a healthy nor a practical option to follow. We are here to provide the healthiest weight loss journey for our clients. But of course that involves dietary changes.

If I have enrolled for face-to-face consultation, can I switch to online consultation in between the plan?

Yes, you may switch to online consultation if you wish to. In such case, we will just need a request letter through an email 1 week prior to your next appointment date. The request letter should be sent to

Is the result for online and F2F consultation plan the same?

Yes, we provide same quality of service regardless of the mode of consultation you choose. The only difference for online consultation is that you don’t need to come to our clinic and may consult us from anywhere.

Can I reduce 7-8 kgs per month using your weight loss plan?

No. Weight loss is not a magical process. You can expect to lose 3-4 kgs in a month but it totally depends on your body type hence the result may differ more or less. We always believe in healthy ways to weight loss as there is no short cut to achieve it.

How I can maintain my weight after completing the weight loss plan?

We devise a plan that is close to your normal diet. After completing weight loss plan, you may opt for our weight maintenance plan, which can make you more confident to maintain your weight with required changes in your diet & life style.

Do I need follow the weight loss plan life-long?

No, you don’t need to follow weight loss diet life-long. For maintenance of weight you may eat your favorite foods in the correct amount, which will be covered in our weight maintenance plan.

How I can communicate with nutrition and lifestyle expert?

After your registration with us, we will provide you a dashboard support for your health details and progress status. The dashboard will also have the option of chat, which assigns an online nutrition and lifestyle expert to address all your queries. And you may get 10- 15 mins counseling session (frequency as per the plan weekly or after 15 days) through your preferred mode of consultation like Skype, WhatsApp, voice call/ video call etc. We do not have call counseling facility for foreign clients however, we would be happy to receive all calls you may make.

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