Cutting crabs is hard. Use a knife

Low crab diets of some variety have been around for the past few decades. Most of them have similar principles just packaged under a different name:

– Atkins
– Low crab, high fat
– keto

And the list goes on!

But how do they work and should we even be following them?

First off, they restrict an entire food group that’s a main energy source for our body: carbohydrates 🍅🍞🥟🍯

And when you remove an energy source to the degree that these diet do, you generally create an energy deficit which results in weight loss and also water loss as each gram of glucose stored within the body is attached to 2-3 water molecules.

Seems great, right?!

Not so fast…

Cutting carbs can potentially lead to a few nasty side effects including ( but not limited to):

🔺 Poor concentration 🤔
🔺 Changes in mood😭
🔺Reduced physical performance🥵
🔺 Hormonal complications😬
🔺 Low fibre intake👎

Conclusion?If you wanna cut crabs , use a knife . There’s no need to completely exclude them from your diet entirely because there are SO MANY BENEFITS!

Plus , life’s too start to miss out on pizza, pasta, beautifully coloured fruit/ veg, and my personal favourite-🍞❤️

Ofcourse,with that side , every individual is different. I’m not advocating that there’s never a time & place to utilize a low- crab diet

But if you are one of those people that thinks crabs are the devil, I hope this eases your mind..

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