You’re either eating all healthy foods and working out every day or you’re eating complete junk living the couch potato lifestyle.

There is no in between. 🙅‍♂️

At first, you saw progress.
You initially lose weight. You saw the changes in the mirror.
What you were doing WORKED..( For a short- period)

But for some reason… You just weren’t able to stick with it…
You didn’t have enough ‘motivation’ to grind it out.

This is the issue… You will NEVER have enough motivation…
It’s fleeting! You cannot rely on it to ‘ will’ you to your goals.

In order to see LASTING RESULTS, you have to make long- term changes that are SUSTAINABLE! You need to form CONSISTENT habit that become a LIFESTYLE, not just a 30, 60, or 90- day ‘ challange’.

Otherwise, you’re going to do what you’ve done every other time. Stop searching for more motivation and aiming for perfection..

Consistency Beats Perfection Every Single Time. 💯

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