5 Steps to take after overeating

If you find yourself overeating from time to time you are not a failure.

You are a human being.

The last thing you should do is beat yourself up because you ate more than you planned.

To be completely honest during your fitness journey you are going to slip up every now and then.

You are going to find yourself in situations that might lead you to overeating. (Special events, holidays etc)


You can always get back on track.

1. Get right back to your normal routine. If you happen to overeat or go out and eat more than you planned to, it’s okay. The best course of action is to get back to your normal routine.( and not to punish with more cardio or extra exercise)
2. Don’t panic , it’s water weight! If you step on the scale after overeating you will probably see a number that’s higher than you are used to. That’s normal. It’s going to be water weight from carbs, salt, waste etc. you didn’t actually gain multiple kilos of body fat overnight.
3. Remember that you are human being. We are flawed by design. You are not going to be perfect when it comes to staying on track with your nutrition. Get that notion out of your head. Be kind to yourself. It’s not the end of the world.
4. Don’t set your calories too low. You might think that punishing yourself after overeating is the answer. But it’s not. It’s a terrible path to tread on. Also if your calories are too low you are going to be very hungry which can lead you to overeat .
5. If overeating is a recurring theme, reflect on your current routine. If you are someone who finds themselves overeating more than not you definitely want to reflect on why that might be happening. Are you eating mostly nutritious foods? Foods higher in protein and fibre can help you stay full through out the day.

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