Most people care too much about the number on scale!

While there is nothing wrong about the scale, you can actually loose fat without loosing weight.

Your weight is going to fluctuate depending on various factors. Our bodies are mostly water and therefore our weight will be highly influenced by our water content.

If you eat more food or salt than you usually do it will most likely lead to an increase in your weight. But this does not mean that you have gained fat.

You gain fat when you eat more calories than you burn over time.

These results are taken from one of my clients all within a 4 week period. There are 2-4 kg between the highest and lowest weight but it’s going up and down.
On right side we have his waist circumference which has gone down by 4 cm. That’s the huge progress.

Using the scale can be a great tool to track fat loss progress but it should be combined with other methods such as photos and measurement.

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